Options for replacing Varilight IR Dimmers

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    Refurbished my current house several years ago, just before LED was "viable". So i've ended up with spotlights everywhere (60 x 50w), controlled by Varilight IR/Touch dimmers in the main living areas. I know I should really swap over to LED lamps now, but the dimmers will need swapping and i've been dithering on this.

    The easiest solution is to switch like for like with the new gen LED capable Varilight dimmers. But don't want to regret missing the opportunity to spend a little more and get network controlled dimmers in.

    The setup is as follows (new wiring throughout, so 3 wires at switch):

    Living room: 2 Gang Dimmer, plus slave (6 bulbs on each circuit)
    Kitchen: 1 Gang Dimmer (6 bulbs)
    Bedroom 1: 1 Gang Dimmer (4 bulbs)
    Bedroom 2: 1 Gang (6 bulbs)
    Bedroom 3: 1 Gang (7 bulbs)
    Bedroom 4: 2 Gang (4 bulbs on each circuit)

    Ideally would like both IR and network control to ease the transition. But worst case just network control would do if cost would be prohibitive (we already use our mobiles to control multiroom audio).

    The house is usually occupied, so heating/water control isn't a major issue. However, reliably being able to control the lights whilst we're away for security would be a big plus.

    Any suggestions on the best options to consider, or ones that may be upcoming. I know Lutron would be the best option, but cost is prohibitive set against Varilight which servers us well most of the time (there are TV's in every room, so a remote is always handy).

    Thanks for any pointers/advice.
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