Options for connecting Apple TV 3rd Gen to Component TV


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Hi Guys,

Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong forum. I have been bought an Apple TV (3rd Gen) but sadly our TV doesn't have HDMI. It is a Sony 32" (I can't remember the exact model off hand). The TV does 720P and 1080P over component and this is how I currently connect my PS3.

As I understand it I need a converter between the Apple TV and the TV, is this right? I figured I could just use a HDMI to Component cable but apparently its not as simple as this.

I have researched converters heavily and the best one with support for the Apple TV is the ViewHD one -

ViewHD Two Input HDMI to Component / VGA 2x1 Converter (610074320289) | eBay

However I am located in the UK and I can only get this one from america. I did some more research and found these ones -

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Inputs-Component-Video-YPbPr-Converter/dp/B00797ZZ4S/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1338207495&sr=8-7 (this one looks very similar to the ViewHD??)

HDanywhere HDMI to Component Converter Adapter: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

I'm thinking that the above ones might work just as well because I don't need an upscaler/downscaler because the TV supports 720/1080 over component.

In addition to the converter I am planning to go through a component switching box to easily switch between the ATV and my PS3. I would much rather buy a new TV but thats not an option at the mo!

Any help is appreciated.




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Not sure how good the picture will be from either of these units. You need decent electronics to generate the analogue (component) signal from the digital information the HDMI connection provides. You could try it, and send it back if you're not happy with the picture quality.

But you don't need component switching. The "HD Fury Pro" has two HDMI inputs, so you could run an HDMI cable to it from your PS3.

Ultimately you may find it is easier to get a new TV with multiple HDMI inputs, but that does require more budget!


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Thanks jgrg, actually I went for the HDanywhere converter as I emailed the company and they have just updated their units with new firmware designed for the new Apple TV. I will let you know how I get on - cheers.


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Hello Alex,

I just read your thread and I have the same issue ie component only inputs on an old Yamaha DSPAX1. I wondered how you had got on with converting the Apple HDMI output into component.

I am very interested to share your thoughts

Best wishes



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FWIW I use HDFury2's on my SKY and Apple TV boxes for component out and they are very good.

I did not have as good a result with a HDfury3 tho....

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