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Options 30"-37" ?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by idhutt, May 25, 2004.

  1. idhutt


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    Im looking to purchase a flat screen TV, 30" - 37" wide screen. Must have speakers on set.

    My requirements are:
    1. 'Low' power < 200W, negligible heat dissipation - its going under shelves - so I guess rules out plasma? Could be convinced about the 200W for the right device though.

    2. Current inputs. S-video, RGB. My DVD player (high end) outputs Pal progressive over component and this is the big thing for me as currently I use the s-video output and paid shed loads for the progressive component option.

    3. Future inputs. Probably S-video and RGB. Will ultimately go HDMI route so need the ability for this or DVI/HDCP (I think). Would also like native resolution as my future DVD player will have HQ scaling.

    4. PQ is important.

    Is this too much to ask of a manufacturer? I liked the look of the Philips 32pf9986 LCD, but it can't apparently do component or progressive. Also, the Sony 32" MRX1, but I don't believe that this can do HDMI/DVI.

    Thanks in advance

  2. LiquidB

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    May 25, 2004
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    For Low power, I'd definitely choose an LCD.
    For picture quality, I'd choose the 32PF9986. Connect it on RGB through scart.
    576p might be better theoretically, but consider that the source material is 576i anyhow and this is scaled up to 576p, which would cause a loss in bandwith (that's the side-effect of scaling).
    The only way you could benefit from 576p is if the source material would be 576p, or if the picture enhancement features in the TV would be better on 576p than on 576i.
    I've already done the test and basically, I'd choose for RGB, even if I had component available.

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