Optional upgrade to 8GB Memory on Macbook Pro


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Just about to get my 1st Macbook Pro, which will be a base 15inch model (2.4ghz and 320GB hard drive). I was going to get it through a work scheme and save about £90 (it would be supplied direct from Apple)
However a local premium reseller has an offer to upgrade from to 8GB of memory for £100. This is £220.00 less than Apple charge.

Should I do it, are there any drawbacks, like are they using cheap memory. I did like the idea of getting it direct from Apple as I feel it might be better if there were any faults with it. (in which case I would wait and get it from Crucial in a year or so).

All advice welcome.


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to put things in perspective, a member here a while back mentioned when they purchased memory from Apple it was Crucial sticks! they didn't even bother to put an Apple sticker on it! Apple's memory upgrades/options are way overpriced as they are using memory sticks from Samsung, Hynix etc etc.

It would be cheaper for you to buy it from somewhere like Crucial and do it yourself as a chunk of the reseller's price is labour and VAT for the service. If you want to make sure, you can ask what memory they use but it should be fine :thumbsup:


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It was me who had my Mac Pro delivered with Crucial memory. You can buy an 8GB upgrade from Crucial for £123.36 plus shipping & provided you can operate a screwdriver it is a simple job to do the upgrade yourself. You will have 2x2GB Ram to sell on to defray the cost.

It's not always the case that Apple memory is wildly expensive although in this case it is £320 vs about £125 so it's worth doing yourself.

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