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Hello all,

I am off tomorrow to pick up a new rack for my AV system. This means that I am going to have to rewire it all after countless changes of VCRs/sky boxes/dvdplayers etc

I am interested to see if there are any optimum ways of putting it all back together, in terms of image/sound quality. I have often wondered why there are video inputs into the amp etc

The system is :-

TV Philips 28PW6006 CRT with 2 scarts
AV receiver Sony STRDB930
DVD recorder Sony RDR HX510

What I am intending to do is:-


connect the ps2 into the DVD recorder using component video.
connect the Sky+ to the TV using scart
connect the sky+ to the DVD recorder using scart for backing up recordings
connect the DVD recorder to the other scart on the TV


optical from Sky+ to amp
Optical from PS2 to amp
Coaxial from DVD to amp

Any comments appreciated! :lease:


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In all honesty, it looks like you know what you're doing. Can't see why you would want to change anything other than further use of component cables if possible and using the amp for video switching if it's capable.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.............
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