Optimum settings for an Oppo 93/CA 651, please

Pat Marcus

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Dear Experts

My family have kindly given me a Cambridge Audio BD651 for Christmas but sadly, not the time to investigate, compare and contrast and generally fiddle to make the best of it.

If therefore hoping that one of you AV stars will be able to suggest some settings for its usage.

It will be running into a Pio Kuro 5090 (remember them?) via a Meridian HD621, which will also channel my other hdmi sources. What this means is that the Kuro settings will be generic for the the 621, not specific to the BD651.

Ive done the obvious thing and set the BD to 1080p but beyond that Ive not had time to investigate. There's no way, Im going to able to trawl through the hundreds of posts across four BDP93 EU owners threads, where much of its seems to relate to NAS integration.

I imagine it needs to be set to bitstream to allow the HD621 (and accompanying Meridian 568.2) do the Audio stuff and Ive read somewhere I should reduce the sharpness to 0 or below.

What about 24 frames per second stuff ? What about the many complex looking deep colour options ?

please help...and a very hapy new year to you all.
To be honest the 24 frames per second and deep colour options depend on whether your screen can display them. So if they can most definitely output at 1080p/24 and if it can handle 4-2-2 let it do that :)


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Most settings depend on how up to date the equpment is so I would suggest you experiment:

Set 1080p rather than Auto
If your TV can handle NTSC too then set Multi-System
16:9 Wide/Auto puts 4:3 DVDs Pillerboxed not stretched
If your TV can handle 24fps set 24fps to On rather than Auto
If your TV can handle deep colour then try YCbCr 4:4:4 and 36 bits

If your HDMI Audio Decoder can handle DTS HD and Dolby HD then Bitstream else output LPCM. Secondary audio can be enabled with less penalty with LPCM (i.e. internal decoding).
Set SACD to PCM unless your audio decoder can handle DSD

If the HDMI switching struggles with any of HDMI 1.3 that the TV can cope with then you have the option of using both HDMI outputs
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I imagine it needs to be set to bitstream to allow the HD621 (and accompanying Meridian 568.2) do the Audio stuff
The HD621 and your 568.2 don't support HD bitstream only lossy codecs. If you want to take advantage of the Blu-ray HD lossless codecs the player will need to decode to LPCM.

Setting the HDMI output to "auto" should allow the lossy codecs as bitstream but decode the HD stuff to LPCM. Alternatively set to LPCM and the player will decode both.

Ive read somewhere I should reduce the sharpness to 0 or below.
Changing the sharpness setting to around -8 can help reduce the aggressiveness of the Marvell DVD scaling routine for HDMI 1. Because the player and display processing/settings are accumulative it best set using a DVD sharpness assessment pattern.


Pat Marcus

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Brilliant stuff. Thanks everyone. Off to play !


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Just a thought but I seem to recall reading posts about some Pioneer displays having issues with some colourspace options i.e. reduced chroma resolution. I can't recall the models or what schemes were affected but it may be worth a search.

I don't think you will notice any difference with Deep Colour so wouldn't get too hung up especially if your display chain isn't calibrated as the later is likely to have a much greater impact on performance.


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