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About to purchase the panny TH-42PW6B. Need some advice or reassurance that this is the best set-up:

RGB Scart - Provided by Panny will probably be obsolete.
RCA Component Board – Used to connect DVD Player
VGA -Used to connect freeview via a JS RGB 2 VGA converter.


1) The RGB scart I believe isn’t the best option for this plasma so this will probably be obsolete. I need a component\S-Vid for my amp setup so does anybody know if this board can take these signals ?.

2) The RCA Component board is more dear then a BNC. I already have RCA component lead so prefer to use this. Nexnix will supply the BNC board with gold converters will there be any loss of quality if I uses these as opposed to a straight RCA board ?.

3) If I use the VGA for freeview how can I get sound from the panny with out using my AV amp. Does the panny have a 3.5mm stereo jack. That way I can use the phono plugs for the RGB2VGA and then connect some speakers to the panny. Is this possible ?


The scart will take s-video, though you might get a complete video board with the screen if you are lucky, as a retailer you tend to accumulate these. The scart will not accept component, though the VGA port will. You want 2 component inputs, one for switched devices via the amp, and one direct for DVD? If so, get nexnix to give you a complete board and a VGA board, then you can have it all so to speak, 1 x VGA, 2 x component and 1 x s-video. I doubt you will notice a drop in quality from using bnc converters, though theoretically there is one. How will you know unless you buy a new lead in any case. What the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't grieve for, well, usually!


Really only cos in the vertical situation under a plasma they don't fall off. You need nice tight phonos on the RCA board, otherwise trouble will follow. Of course that goes for bnc converters too, I've known plugs come off them. For me that's a friday night ruined, so I don't offer RCA boards.

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