Optimum image size for SD and HD ?


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The plaster is drying on my cinema (garage conversion) walls as I type :D

The finished room is 12' x 8', so a nice little den for me and my kit.

I'll be projecting down the longer length with my Hitachi PJTX200 and I know for a fact that I can throw an image that's too big to watch comfortably from my potential viewing distance of around 10'. I know this because I used to project across my living room which is 12' wide.

What is the supposed optimum image size from this distance (10') for SD material ? and would this change for HD material? When I say optimum I mean best image quality rather than biggest image possible without eye strain. I'm guessing you could get away with a bigger image more comfortably in HD because of the extra picture information ?

The reason I'm asking is because having seen another forum members fixed frame screen earlier this year I want one. They seem expensive compared to pull down screens, which seems odd as they must be easier to make, so I don't want to make a mistake.

Cheers !!



I have 80" at 9 feet for SD so I think something like 92" at 10 feet would be good for a maximum size. I don't have a HD Ready PJ so proper HD will look even better at those sizes. You don't need different sizes for SD/HD.

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