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Hi what Is the usual height to mount your screen, ie how high above the floor should the bottom of the screen be?



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Ideally your eyes should be able to look at the centre of the screen without looking up or down.Therefore that is going to be determined by your seating height and whether your seat back is inclined and at what angle.

In my case the bottom of my screen is 3-4 inches higher than my eye level but I sit on a chair that is slightly reclined which leaves my eyes at the centre of the screen without looking up or down.
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Thanks but on a 150inch diagonal screen half the height is 36 inches. That would make the bottom of the screen at floor level!


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how high are your walls if its a 6 foot drop and your walls are eight foot its only going to be a foot of the floor anyway.
I watch films about 1.5 foot off the floor which makes me look at the centre of the projection, just as kbfern recommends. I find looking up tiring and uncomfortable. I never understand people who stick their flatscreen telly high above the mantelpiece.


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Is a converted barn so full height room I'd say up to 25 feet! Main room dimensions 40 feet by 35 so no problem squeezing a big screen in :)

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