Optimizing old school set-up (or get with the times!)


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I recently moved into a house that came with an old school entertainment system set-up.

Projector: SharpVision XV-Z2000 DLP projector (circa 2005)
Receiver: Denon AVR-3805 (circa 2004)

The latest and greatest technology is far better than the relics of yesteryear, but I still wanted to see what is the best quality that can be achieved using the existing set-up? I'm trying to run an AppleTV which has an HDMI output (of course).

Alternatively, I've connected with the local TV shop who (after laughing at the existing set-up) suggested the following:

Projector: Sony 4K VPLVW295es for ~$4k or Sony 1080P VPLVW45es for ~$1.7k
Receiver: Denon AVRX2600H for ~$650

I'm not in the market for the latest and greatest technology. Trying to find the best price / quality ratio in the few thousand dollar range.

Thanks in advance for your expertise!


I know nothing about PJs so will not comment. The Denon is a fair receiver but you do not mention what speakers are being used or where they are located. If you provide members with a plan of the room and the current speaker locations and what they are then recommendations will be easier.

A lot of American members seem to have all the speakers in the ceiling and this is a life style choice rather than a good audio choice.

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Local TV shop - I’d ignore them :)

Look for an HDFURY2 or alternative HDMI to Component converter and use that to connect the ATV to the AVR - will cost around $120.


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