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Optimising DScaler


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I am wondering whether there is more to be had from my Sweetspot RGB to DScaler set up.

I use Powerstrip to send 1368x768 to my display at 50Hz and have Auto detect enebled along with Greedy (High Motion) for deinterlacing.

When I check the statistics screen I see dropped fields, not waited (0.2 in last second) and processed late figures.

Dont get me wrong, the picture is great but, is there more to be had?



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Personally I use the Chroma filter to shift the colour a little to the left, and the Sharpen filter set to 64 to apply a little sharpening to the image. I have played around with the de-noise filters but I don't like the smearing effect they give.


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I am only using the chroma filter and sharpen. I suppose what is interesting me at the moment is the suff on dropped frames et al that is displayed when you look at the statistics screen.

From what I can gather from what I have found, refresh rate on the graphics card needs to match the video or Judder Terminator is needed to smooth things out.

What I am seeking is some guidance on what to address and the est way to go about it.

So far I am not convinced I have got things as well sorted as I could but, I cant find any pointers.



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Hi Chris, I have just read this in the Dscaler FAQ and remembered your post:

"My picture jumps up and down?
I get dropped frames?

Both problems seem to be caused by not having a powerful enough machine to run everything all at the same time. The things that use up a lot of CPU time are 2-Frame, Blended Clip & Greedy deinterlacing and automatic pulldown detection. Try moving to another pulldown method or switching off autodetection. The other alternative is to buy a faster PC ;-))

There is now a setting in Select Hardware which allows you to tell DScaler how fast your PC is. Try selecting alower speed if you get either of these problems."

Have you tried using Toms MoComp or MoComp2 instead? These seem to be the popular choice of deinterlacer.

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