Optimal way to link Panasonic TH-42PZ, SA-PT50, V+, Wii, Mac Mini and PS3?



Hi all

I hope someone can help me out. I've the following bits of kit and want to know the best way to wire them together so I can make use of their main features.

TV: Panasonic th-42pz70ba tv
DVD/Home Cinema 5.1: sa-pt850
v+ box
Mac Mini

In an ideal world the PS3's sound would go through the DVD player so I can make use of the surround sound, as would the V+ box, and I wouldn't need to fiddle about with cables as I do at the moment.

I'm a bit of a novice at all this so if anyone could help me by telling me what should plug into where and with what sort of connection, you'd be making my living room a happier place.



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Hi all
I have just found the forum this morning and its been a great help already, Thanks!

I think what you are looking for is some sort of HDMI selector switch like the ones sold here

I also have the panasonic Th-42pz70ba and am having issues conecting my hd equipment, i tried using a slx gold 3 way hdmi selector to connect skyhd and ps3 with no sucess(the tv has 2 hdmi inputs but i only buried one good quality cable in the wall so i need a switch).

After doing some searches here for hdmi selector problems it seem the reason is the tv and the switch arent compatable, so i will be returning the slx switch and looking for somthing else seem the octava one gets good reviews on here.

I was just wondering if anyone with this range of tv knows what type of switch works for sure. if not i will probably try one of the octava switches from the link above and report back any results.



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Got the octava 5 port HDMI Switch today and works great, just had to plug and play. Its half the size of the SLX gold switch but three times the price, still you get what you pay for i suppose.


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