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Seem to have insomnia tonight so better make the most of it and post.:boring:

Ok I am looking at installing my Hd 20 for general use. Blueray, sky hd, Xbox. The room it is to be installed in is big 8x5.5 m. The walls are cream, roof white and carpet is a beige colour. The room has 2 large windows providing a fair bit of ambient light. It's an old farm house so fortunately there is shutters on the windows that could be used to black out. This obviously would not be the case all the time however. I have one full empty wall to play with so 5.5x3m. I suppose if needed this wall could be painted a different colour if this would help.

What size of screen would be sensible if sitting about 5m away?

The big question is on screen colour and gain. Do I go for white or grey and what gain on either?

Quite keen on going down the DIY route perhaps the cheap mdf one just now so if I was to do that what paint would be best? I have local leyland that I have account with

If DIY, is the mdf route of poorer quality than making a frame and lining it myself?

Sorry about all the questions but new to all this and trying to do on reasonable budget as having to invest in surround sound, amp, screen etc all in one go.
FYI I have opted for the Dali zensor 7 5.1 system with pioneer vsx 921 (I am an apple man) how does this sound?

Many thanks for you help, these forums are invaluable.



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Regards screen at that size room and seating 5mtrs away I would be looking at at least a 3mtr wide screen or even larger if possible (3.5-4mt).

For this size though you will need a screen with some gain especially in a room with light coloured walls.

A professional fixed screen would be best but is likely to be very expensive (£1k+) you could try projecting onto a white wall for starters and see what size screen you can get that is bright enough and once you have established the size come back again for further advice.

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