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hey anyone out there that can help me with this question!!!
I am looking to connect my xbox to my av amp so that i can have digital 5.1 with playing games aswell!
i was looking at the back of my reciever and found the optical in that the xbox would have to use! but i found out that its an optical in for Tv/Sat so it dosent support 5.1
i have a coaxial in put for digital 5.1 sound but the problem is that its the wrong connection :(
Anyway my question is if a converter is available in the uk to convert from optical to coaxial and if so would it still be converted in 5.1 channels of sound? o yeah and wot kinda price am i looking at?
thanks alot



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What kind of receiver do you have? Surely all digital inputs whether optical or coax should allow you to decode 5.1 regardless of whether they are assigned to TV/SAT or DVD or anything else!

If your receiver really does restrict decoding options depending on the input type then that really is a supremely brainless bit of engineering :rolleyes:



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I agree with michaelab. The inputs on the amp are just labels as the manufactures cannot predict that the TV/SAT source will never produce 5.1 signals. Plus it would cost more to implement this kind of restriction

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