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Optical Splitter


Established Member
I don't know if this exists.
I need an optical splitter to plug into my 360 to split the optical out into 2. I want one to go to my amp and the other to go to my surround sound headphones.
Problem is i cant find an optical splitter which has a male connector going to 2female connectors. The only ones i can find are female in and 2 female out. i could get one of these but it means i'd have to buy another optical lead to go from the back of the 360 to the splitter.
Anyone know if there is anything out there which i can use?


Established Member
I use an opical splitter, but is is also female in > 2x female out. I haven't seen any other sort, I think you need another optcial cable. You can normally pick them up off ebay for a couple fo quid.


Established Member
yeah, i'd need to get another optical cable, but the signal would then be going thorugh one optical cable, the optical splitter and another optical cable to the device. Im sure this must effect the quality of the sound


Distinguished Member
Should be any different really. Whether the cable is integrated before the splitter or whether it's one plugged in, I wouldn't think there's any noticable difference.


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I've haven't done any extensive testing, but I did not notice the difference between linking directly with an optical cable and going through the splitter. In my mind a digital signal is a series of 1s and 0s, therefore as long as the signal is not being lost there cannot be a degradation in quality.


Established Member
Well i guess i can give it a go then. Im just surprised you cant get one that doesn't require you to use a seperate cable.
Maybe its something to do with the stregth of the optical connection fitting?


Prominent Member
I use an optical splitter which is the female in to 2 female out kind but use it in reverse! That is i have an optical cable from my 360 out and my ps3 out going in to the female out connections and then i have another optical cable from the female in going to my surround sound amp optical in. Obviously this is not the kind of connector you are looking for but i can confirm there is no problem with my sound despite the fact there are multiple optical leads being used.


Established Member
I got one off eBay.

It was a mechanical switch type, circular, with a big knob you turned to select the input. I can only assume it was divering the signal between the output and the inputs. (1 out, 3 in).

I'll have a poke about.

Aha: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Optical-TOS-T...yZ116850QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Edit: Oh, and it worked really well. As was said, optical is 1's and 0's, so as long as the cables work, its all dandy!

I've used one of these for about a year now and its great. Zero loss in quality.


Established Member
Here is a cheap optical splitter, around £5


I use this one. Don'f forget you will need 2 more optical (TOSLINK) cables also.

Basically a "Y" shaped device which enables you to feed two outputs (DVD player and V+ box) into one input on the back of your Cambridge amp.

DVD player into one arm of the "Y", V+ box into other arm of the "Y". Bottom of "Y" feeds into your amp, job done.

Cheap and easy solution, though you must remember that you can only have ONE optical input working at once (either your DVD player and V+ switched off, or vice versa) otherwise your AMP will not be able to decode it.
I have found that if both inputs are powered up, the V+ box wins!!


Established Member
I've got what beaker has used and it works great :thumbsup:
can't remember where I bought it (it was online) £3-£5 :thumbsup:

Rob B

Prominent Member
Optical Splitters can be used either direction i.e. 1-into-2 or 2-into-1.

My current splitter was labelled as a 2-input to 1 output, but I'm using it to run the 360 and Sky HD into my 5.1, so 2-output, 1-input :)


Established Member
Reluctantly i've bought a splitter and another optical cable.
I can't believe that you can't buy an optical cable with a male connection at one end and 2 female connections at the other.
Never mind, such is life!!


Prominent Member
I bought an optical splitter for my 360 and PS3, but Ive noticed when I fast forward DVDs on the PS3 and then play them the sound level drops. This does not happen on the 360.

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