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I have a Samsung TV with a single optical output. I have an Onkyo receiver and Sienhiser headphones that I want to hook up with a optical splitter. I have tried two different active 1x3 splitters with no success.

I can hook either device directly to the TV and get them to work. I’ve tested all three cables and they work. The red light is coming on for both either splitter I’ve tried. I’ve tried multiple USB power adapters.

I’ve searched multiple forums and find similar threads, but never any resolution.

Does anyone have an idea of what I’m doing wrong?

Joe Fernand

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Keep in mind that unless the Source is outputting a format both devices support you may find the Headphones want work - assuming they are 'limited' to Stereo audio playback and you are truing to send 5.1 to the AVR.

List the headphone basestation and 1x3 Distribution Amp (Splitter) you have tried?

I wonder too if you have a 3x1 Switch rather than a 1x3 Distribution Amp (Splitter)?


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