Optical Splitter for AV amp?


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I have a Sony 5.1 amp which has one optical digital &1 Coaxialinput. I currently obtain 5.1 sound for dvd's and games from my Xbox which is connected via the optical input. I am now having Sky+ installed on Wednesday and would like to connect my Sky+ box up for 5.1 sound on the movie channels. Problem is Sky+ is also connected via digital optical lead. I was wondering if there is such a device as an optical lead splitter or an optical lead to coaxial convertor? Anyone got any ideas? Will be a bit of a pain to have to reach around the back of my amp swapping leads. Does that make any sense? Im confused..........


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I don't know what luck you might get using a splitter in reverse, eg. 2-into-1 instead of 1-into-2. It might just work providing only one source device (Sky+, xBox) is powered up at once.

For converting co-ax to optical and vice-versa you may consider the Midiman CO2. I got mine for exactly this purpose from Studiospares for just over £30. (They do other convertors too a bit cheaper but for the price I like the option of co-ax-optical/optical-co-ax)





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or maplin do one for about £14 if you only want to convert one signal and only one way.


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Thanks for the advice guys, just ordered the Midiman CO2.
Nice one

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