Optical Output not recognising TOSLink Switch Box


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I have just purchased a 49NANO866na and connected the optical cable from my set-up but no sound came through my system.
I run my optical sound through a powered TOSLink switch box which allows up to 3 inputs and 2 outputs. This allows me to use my sound system for multple devices, including a Bluetooth receiver / transmitter. All worked fine on my previous LG TV.
I have tried a new switch box and multiple cables (all of which work fine), however, I can only get sound through my sound system when I link the TV directly and not through a switch boxes.

LG think that this might be a software issue, but I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and knows of a configuration requirement that will resolve this. It seems a shame if LG have introduced something which perhaps requires the TV's optical system to detect a specific type of device in order for it to work and to block all others.

Any ideas would be most welcome


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Power cycle your TV and then try again...if that doesn’t work, have you set the TV to output audio via optical?


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Hi JayCee

Thank you for your suggestion which I have tried. Unfortunately, the problem still persists. I can get sound through the optical output option only if I connect the TV directly to the sound bar and not if I try to link through the switch box. At least this proves the optical output from the TV works, just that something is blocking the use of an interim device.

As previously mentioned, I have used 2 different switch boxes and several different cables, all of which are working ok.

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