Optical-out? wierd shaped connecter


On my Dansai955 I wanna use the optical-out on it. The thing is, the'res like this thign thats points out from the socket about a 1cm long and is rounded at the end. It looks like a sorta placeholder to protect socket from dust. Being curious I gave it a good yank to see if it came off it didn't seems to be stuck fast.

How will a toslink cable connect to that? I've seen it on other dvd players as well. Having never used any kind of digital connection before, I'm thinking this could be normal? What makes m doubt it is my PS2 has a nice very small socket for optical out.

Different cables needed?

Sure this sounds like an idiots question, I just wanna make sure everythings set up right when some stuff I've orderd arrives.

Cheers :smoke:


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Optical digital sockets come in two shapes/sizes. On table-top hardware (as per your DVD) they are about 4 or 5mm square. And yes - they are usually supplied fitted with a protector. So, my guess is that you do have a protector in place that needs yanking out.

(The other type is much smaller, the same size as a 3.5mm jack socket).


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And can I just say, for barely any reason at all, that it's not unknown for the little 3.5mm blighters to be coax rather than optical.



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The main reason why 3.5mm optical connectors are used (typically on portable equipment) is that the same hole can be used for BOTH a regular (electrical) stereo 3.5mm jack plug (coax) AND a similarly-shaped fibre optic connector - thus saving space.

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