Optical out info on Sky+ required please


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hullo there,

am (hopefully) going to pick up a custom length component cable from 7oaks this week to connect my amp to my PJ, at the same time i was looking to get a optical digital cable for the Sky+ to connect to my amp for DD (even tho it seems that not much content is DD)....what i would like to know is does the Optical cable in this case also carry the other formats Sky broadcast in, ie DS and Stereo? or do i still need the normal stereo connection from the L&R outputs on Sky box to my amp? reason for needing to know is i've had to 'borrow' a stereo lead from the 3 connecting my DVD players 6chnl output to my amps ext input..and would like to put it back there so i can listen to DVD-A/SACD..lol

cuz of what i spent on my PJ setup from them, i think if i pick up an optical and a stereo cable i will get a good deal......in fact thinking about it i need an S-video cable too...erk...


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The optical connection carries all the audio, you do not need to use the RCA phonos unless you connect them to another device of course:)


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sweet....cheers for the reply...

i was pretty sure it would be the case as coax can do that, but having never used optical before i thought it would be wise to check to save me a few quid...lol

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