Optical coming out my ears!!


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Hi I hope I am posting this in the correct forum....

I am hoping to be an early Sky HD adopter. Currently I have a fairly basic (but functional Sony HTDDW750 integrated amp for my AV system which has an upscaling DVD player connected to the DVD input via coax and my PS2 connected via optical. How am I going to get the Sky box audio into the amp so I can get DD sound. Is there a two into one optical connector or something I can purchase? Or is this a great excuse to go out and get a new amp?


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It is definately a great excuse to get a new A/V receiver but if you can't be bothered, don't want to spend the money or are just happy with what you've got; you could get one of these!

Advice: Upgrading is always fun - so take every chance you get :D


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I've got the same problem on the horizon...

question i have is -

if both sources are on at the same time then will it do any damage to the amp?

Its not likely that I'll always remember to turn the sky box off before turning the 360 on so there's a good chance they'll both be feeding into the amp at some stage.

Also - will it have any effect on the sound quality?


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I already bought one of those cheap toslink switches and I thought it was absolute junk to be honest....


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gowdewiz said:
I already bought one of those cheap toslink switches and I thought it was absolute junk to be honest....

I have never used any of these bits of kit, so can't comment.

The electronic (the top two) switchers will also switch optical as well as video. Even if not using the video, I can't see why you couldn't use just the optical inputs/output.

Alternatively if you have a digital display (Plasma/LCD/PJ) and your receiver doesn't have an audio delay facility it might be worth investing in one of these...



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