Optical coaxal convertor help.


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Ok im trying to set up the ps3 to amp, thi input on the amp is coaxial and the output from the ps3 is optical but im getting no sound, i have all the inputs set up correctly and have set the ps3 to optical out, problem with the adapter? its plug in, has power, i have an optical going from the ps3 to the "out" in the convertor box, and on the in on the convertor box i have the coaxial from there it then runs to my amp, is that right? should it be the other way about?

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You should have the output of the PS3 going to the "in" port on the convertor and the output of the convertor going to an input on your amp!

You've wired the convertor back to front. If converting optical to coax and the convertor only has optical input and coax output, how can you be wiring it up incorrectly??? Is this specifically a optical to coax convertor? Are you sure that you've not mistakenly purchased a digo coax to optical convertor by mistake?
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I'm now off to maplin to get the right one, worth punting the old one on ebay to try and get some money back?
Try flogging it, but I'd not expect to get much for it. You can buy one new for less than £10. Is it worth the effort given that you'll also have to account for the postage and packaging?
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