Optical cable with HDMI ?


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Recently upgraded a bunch of my kit and find myself wondering about what interconnects I should be using?

Essence is.... Do I need to use optical cables with HDMI? Previously had them as I was using component but now all my toys have HDMI.

Setup is likely a common one.

Denon 3313 receiver and disc spinner.
Panasonic ZT TV
SkyHD, PS4 & XBOne

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In theory no you shouldn't
All your inputs you mention are more than capable of sending very high quality (5.1, etc) audio along the HDMI. Many people used to have optical and HD from a Sky box because the Sky box didn't used to send 5.1 down the HDMI but they changed that some months ago now

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As cmclean says you can 'retire' your optical cables as your devices can deliver HD Video and 'up to' HD Audio over HDMI.

Only time you might have a use for Optical would be to have the ability to view one source (HDMI) and listen to a different Source (Optical).


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