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I've got a Sony STR-DA1200ES receiver for my AV stuff, and decent speakers, etc. But I'm feeding it the audio signal over a £12 optical cable that I bought from Dixons. So, probably actually worth about £2. :)

My question is - does the quality of the optical cable make any difference? I keep thinking to match the rest of the kit I should buy a decent optical cable (recommendations welcomed), but on the other hand - surely it's just a light signal that's either on or off and any cable that gets the signal from one end to the other is good enough.

I'm sure it's probably been done to death - but I couldn't see anything in the FAQ on this, so thanks for any help you can provide.



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Do a quick search. Quick answer is that unless you're going over a very very very long run - all optical cables pass the 1s and 0s exactly the same.

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