Optical Cable - how long?

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Hi, I'm having a house wired and putting my Sky HD box under the stairs and distributing from there. My question is, does the length of the optical cables going back to my Surround Sound systems matter? .. ie could I use up to a 5 metre cable?


ps. does anyone know how I can operate the remote for same skyhd box from multiple points in the house ... I've seen the magic eye but it is only for 1 other remote, I need somethiing that can handle about 4 or 5?


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Magic eyes will do the job in multiple locations you just need to get the amount you need then rig them all up through a powered distribution box so that they all get the 9v power the require.
Your only governed by the quality and signal that the distribution box can offer so get a decent one.

HERE'S a good guide to what you need.


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I use a 10m optical cable with no problem whatsoever-you'll be fine with a 5m one.

If you use a longer optical cable do you need a more "upmarket" cable? Ie do cheap cables degrade the signal?

I want to connect my Mac to my AV processor so I can use it as a hard disk source. The Mac has mini-Toslink output. Will an adapter degrade the signal, or am I better buying a mini-toslink to toslink cable. The only 5m mini-Toslink to Toslink cables I can fond are a Chord Opticord at £60 quid or a cheap one off ebay for £5. Any advice?


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