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I've seen info regarding optical audio cables which suggests that there is little difference between the basic cheapest cables and so called high end cables. If this is the case why do the reviewers bother issuing best buy awards. Can anybody confirm or deny?? and what do you guys recommend??


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Buy the shortest you can get away with. A decent make for reliabiliy. In short its unlikley you will notice any difference between optical cables as light transfer is not affected by RF and its digital not analogue.

The same applies to HDMI the Comics would have you believe there are major differences in cables when there aint. Cables are subjective and the subject of many a debate on AVforums when its comes to analogue however most forums members would agree Digital over short lengths is a different matter in that there is little difference. Markgrantcables.com are a good starting place for quality gear at sensible cost.


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I have noticed with cheaper cables they seem to get affected by interferance very easily compared to more expensive ones which appear to have better shielding.

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