Optical Audio switch?


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It's been a long time since I've posted, I found a 2008 post for the reverse that won't help me.

I need to connect 2 optical audio cables from 2 devices into 1 optical in [ on my OLD dennon av receiver.] I checked ebay, but descriptions were all over the place, descriptions for devices were contradictory per different sellers.

Does anyone use one of these that they are happy with? It seems a switch would not confuse the receiver? a multi-switch [ more than 2 would be great].

thanks for any advise.


Am I on a UK site? sounds silly, I know, but I'm seeing a lot of posts from UK.
You most certainly are and you are more than welcome.


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Greetings from the USA:
Thank you all, I will search out your suggestions, I like this site well enough, I'll just have to remember to refer my searches to US!
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