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Hi all, I have my pc audio connected to Denon AVR-1910 with an optical cable and then headphones connected to Denon receiver, had like that for years, love it until I damaged my headphones plug. So I decided to move to wireless headphones (Bluetooth) my pc Bluetooth range in not good enough, so I bough optical splitter and optical to Bluetooth transmitter. The transmitter works well with pc but when I connect the splitter to pc and then connect denon receiver and Bluetooth transmitter denon its not working. In fact even if pc connected directly to denon receiver using splitter there is no sound. Is there any solutions to work around this?


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I believe the optical output on the 1910 only outputs for devices connected via optical or co-ax, it won't output a sound sourced from an HDMI connection

discussion on the issue here Denon AVR-1910 Optical Digital Out


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Im trying to input a sound source from pc via Y splitter and that splitter causing me issues. Maybe this makes more sense.


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Is it a passive Y split? These are notorious for attenuating the light levels too far for some receivers to work.

Ideally you want a powered splitter - something like this: Amazon product


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If it's to feed two devices from a single PC, you need an active splitter with internal signal amplifications.

If it's for input to the AVR from multiple sources, you need a switch, not a splitter.

A passive splitter is inadequate under all circumstances.

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