Optical Audio Cutting Out with Home Cinema System


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I have a new Samsung TV(UE40ES5500) and Sony home cinema system (bdve280) connected via optical cable for sound.

Ever since I've got them I've had very intermittent sound cutting out for 1-2 seconds. Sometimes once an hour, sometimes 10+ times an hour.

At first I tested the home cinema using HDMI PS3 and playing Blurays and it was fine so I replaced the TV. Didn't fix the problem

Then I thought maybe the cable was faulty so I replaced that.

So I figured the home cinema was fautlty so I replaced that. Still hasn't fixed problem.

I've tried every setting on the TV and home cinema and can't seem to get it work. It also happens on streaming media / iplayer from the TV so it can't be a bad signal problem.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this issue?



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hi, i too encountered similar prolems to yours and changed the cable which didnt appear to fix the problem. I have ditched home cinema set up (got refund!) i had and am looking into buying a new system (Yamaha YHT-196) and hope this doesnt happen. Tv speakers dont sound good at all. I have a Samsung LE46C750.
I hope someone on here has an answer....


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Not sure if this is the same as I am getting - I get a second or two break in the sound when the program changes, for example if I was watching a film on itv and it goes to an ad break the sound will go off and I will miss the first second or two of the advert (not that I am bothered too much about that!) but it is annoying! Do you find that yours is at let's say 'change over' of filming cameras? If so i am with u and want to know if there is anything that can be done?? Cheers

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