Optical audio cutting out on Sony 930 Player



Just sold a Sony 930 DVD player to someone but they're having problems with the audio through the optical connection, apparently it stutters and cuts out on any disc they try. Audio through the standard phono connections works fine.

I've been using the player with the optical connection up until the end of last week and it worked fine, he's checked the obvious settings, cleaned the connection, tested amp and cable with a different player etc, but no luck.

Any one got any suggestions? Could be that something has got knocked loose in transit perhaps, maybe condensation, though I would have thought that would have dried by now.

Apparently the indicator light on the amp which shows it is receiving data from the optical connection stays lit even when there is no sound, so doesn't look like it's completely loosing the connection.

edit - Apparently the audio is fine through a Co-Ax connection so it's just the optical that is at fault.


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May be coincedence but I have the same prob but with the coax on my Tosh 510e, still can't pin the problem down though, posted a thread about the prob and suggestions such as dodgy laser etc. came up but no definitive answer. Good luck
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