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Sorry if this has been asked before, I did a search but couldn't find an answer.

I'm thinking of getting a silly "rocker-type" game seat for my setup (don't tell the missus as she is already annoyed with my gameracer car seat being an expensive cat basket in the living room). I am also awaiting my Astro A40 headphone system from the US.

The A40 and of couse my 5.1 surround sound use the optical connection to my Onkyo 705 (I'm expecting to be able to Optical Out of Onkyo when I want to use the headphones) but the rocker seats uses RCA connections. I'm not overly interested in the sound capabilities of the seat (certainly not as a substitute for the 5.1 or A40) but quite fancy the "rumble capabilities". My Onkyo won't convert the optical in to RCA out (from what I read) but there are the RCA audio connectors free and doing nothing on the component cable.

Does anyone know if the Component cable will output simultaneously via optical and RCA so I can connect the seat for rumble and and get best audio?




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On my setup it does, I have an optical connection to my stereo (2.0) and an RCA connection to my TV.

I can turn the sound up on both but it sounds weird lol.


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Yeppy doodle. The 360 can output every single one of it's connections at once.

You can have HDMI, Optical and RCA all going at once if you were inclined.

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