Optical and Composite Connections?



I have a Toshiba 32ZP??? picture frame TV. It has the ablity to take optical and composite conections.

I have SKY + which is connected via Scart 1 and opitcal connections so i have a great picture and DD sound at the moment.

I am awaiting delivery of a Toshiba SD520e DVD player. Should I connect this through compoiste connection. - What is a composite lead? Where does it connect? Will it provide DD sound and picutures? and how much will one cost?

I have a feeling the the composite is just for pictures if so, can i pass the opitical connection through or to both the DVD and SKY+ so that both have DD?

Fianally, the empty scart socets (2+3) can i connect a PS2 and/or VCR and if so what cable is required and what will the picture quality be like.

Thanks in advance

If you mean a co-axial connection rather than composite, that is a digital connection for sound that is an alternative to optical. Connect your dvd player up to the TV using a co-axial cable.

Your TV should accept component video and if the DVD player outputs component, this will be the picture connection of choice as not only is it superior to the other types but it will keep the RGB enabled scart sockets free for something else.
Ok then are you saying leave SKY+ as it is (Scart 1 and Optical digital output) and connect the dvd via composite and co-axial.

Which will produce the better sound co axial or optical or are both the same. Also will i get Dolby Digital via co-axial. I want the dvd to have optimum sound and pictures.

What about VCR and PS2 in scarts 2 + 3


Originally posted by wogit
Ok then are you saying leave SKY+ as it is (Scart 1 and Optical digital output) and connect the dvd via composite and co-axial.

Leave the Sky Plus as it is and connect the DVD player to the component video connectors and for sound via digital co-axial cable. Both the optical and co-axial connections will be very similar from a sound point of view and both will give Dolby Digital sound.

I am not a gamer but a PS2 will output video either as RGB or S-Video and should be connected to whichever scart socket on the TV that accepts that type of signal (look in the manual)

VCR will only output composite video so should be plugged in whatever spare socket you have left over after connecting up the other stuff.

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