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At work we have hundreds of data discs with years old files that are still occasionally accessed.at present,users look through a cd catalogue to find the data they require then take the cd from the library.

We would like to have this data stored on a hard drive so that we can make adequate backups and so that it never goes missing or gets damaged,like optical disks tend to do.

As there are literally hundreds of CDs/DVDs,I thought a good idea would be a tower system filled with optical drives that would allow us to archive several discs at once,perhaps automatically creating an iso when the disc is entered and then ejecting it when done.this would save us a lot of time!

The technical side I can cope with (multiple drives on different buses,maybe saving to a RAID array for speed,then getting backed up to other drives and probably tape) but I was wondering whether anyone had seen/heard of any software that could do this?

If not,perhaps a simple script could do this?


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Not something I have tried, but IMGBurn can apparently be scripted. You just need a batch file to run and it will generate the ISO based on the settings in the batch file. Have a quick look here:


To fully automate it, you would need something to detect when you close the CD tray.

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