Question Oppo x2 Pro vs OnePlus 8 vs Samsung s20


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Guys sorry if this has been asked before a million times, but looking for a new android phone,
The short list is
Oppo x2 pro
OnePlus 8 pro
Samsung s20

Been a Samsung fan for yrs now but feel I coukd get better.
It seems 50/50 on the reviews on the oppo and one plus,
I'm leaning towards to oppo, but open to opinions / and comment

Data only use about 4gb a month but use Bluetooth alot if that makes a difference

Any advice would be appreciated
Many thanks


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What are you currently using and what are you looking for? Your post suggests you have a Samsung handset but we are not told what "could be better"?


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Sorry samsung s9
Reading the reviews, the one plus and oppo appear a better phone,
But would like real world experiences


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Sorry I own a six year old model. I did see JL has discounts on with their two year guarantee


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