Oppo Sonica DAC Review & Comments

Nice write up. It's not the most praised DAC around by all accounts, but I suspect as you say it's very good, just a lot of competition there now
Nice balanced review.
Disappointed they didn't include a headphone jac so for more money I decided that their 4k spinner, the 205, and its DAC was a better product for me.
Thanks for the review, does the Oppo 205 certainly sound better than the Sonica?

How much better is the Sonica over the prior HA1? For what I've read it's not a significant upgrade in terms of sound quality.
Would have to be good to beat the Mojo at half the price. All the same inputs, sampling freqs, headphone and line level outputs. The non Sabre DAC, which everybody uses, gives it a distinctive quality. It's portable as well as being able to sit on your system, so you get twice the use.

Needless to say I like my Mojo, breathed a lease of life into my Linn system streaming Flac thorough a Sonos I can tell you, and on my travels makes my phone sound damned good too
Allegedly upsampling to DSD512 is where it is at,at least with DACs from T+A and Lampizator.The problem is the source,an audiophile PC/server that can do DSD512 costs much more than this DAC.
I would disagree with the comment that it doesn't "sound like digital". Whatever that means!

It is ONLY state of the art digital systems that can sound as good as the Oppo.

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