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Im expecting my first plasma on Saturday,a Sammy 50Q97. So today I have just ordered my Oppo 981.

I have read a lot about this machine so Im hoping for good things.

Can anyone tell me are their any settings to be aware of when connecting up. Such as;

Cinema 1 or 2


etc etc etc would appreciate any help in this matter.


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Surprised someone hasn't answered this yet. I don't own an Oppo981, but I've been avidly reading anything I can find about them as I intend to purchase soon.

You'll want to put it in "Video 2" de-interlace mode, "Auto" PAL/NTSC detection, and turn off or lower most of the sharpness and noise filters.

Whether you choose to have 768/1080 out, or use 576p and let your TV do the work will depend on your confidence in the scaling in each device. As I understand it (and I may be wrong here), the Faroudja DCDi will try to detect line edges and interpolate them as part of the scaling, which can improve the perceived resolution.

You'll probably want to check you have a recent firmware as well, as there was some issues with PAL chroma delay in the early versions.

What you choose to set the TV to will heavily depend on your personal viewing preferences.


You'll want to put it in "Video 2" de-interlace mode

Nope. Video 1 is recommended.
All you have to set is TV shape and multi-region. Everything is fine from standard. Fiddle with audio delay.


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Video Mode: To select the mode of conversion for video output. The options are:
• Video 1 – Video 1 mode is recommended for viewing NTSC content with video or 3:2
cadence. If you primarily watch NTSC content, this is the preferred mode.
• Video 2 – Video 2 mode is recommended for viewing NTSC/PAL contents with video, 3:2
and 2:2 cadences. If you watch both NTSC and PAL movies this is the preferred mode.
Please note that in Video 2 mode, NTSC/PAL conversion is not performed for analog video
outputs (composite and S-Video).

From the manual.


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Just received an email from CrtProjectors, I ordered my 981 from them to tell me all recent firmwares are included with the model.

Also and this is nice, They are delivering it to Ireland free. It should only be free to the mainland.

I have heard some nice things about these people,been helpful,so there,if you order from Crtprojectors you get a Naim Audio help desk response.


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Received my Oppo 981HD from CrtProjectors in 48 hrs. Well packaged.

The machine comes in its own little overcoat with Oppo written on the front,a nice touch that.

Very easy to set up,tried it out on a friends Sharps LC42Xdie and the picture was superb.

Tried it at 720p and 1080p, pleased with both settings,though I felt the picture had more life in 1080p.

Blade Runner and Planet Earth both came across very well. Will post some pics when I have my own Plasma and its runn in.

I felt that it is a better machine than my Pioneer 656a circa 2003 costing £400.

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