Oppo DV-980H Won't Play If Stopped for too Long??

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    Hey Everyone,

    I have the Oppo DV-980H upscaling dvd player. I am having a problem with it that I hope someone can help me with.

    I don't know for sure if it does it on all my dvd's but on some when I press stop to go to the bathroom or something and come back and press play, nothing happens. I press play on dvd player and nothing happens.

    It has done this on some of my store bought dvd's and burnt dvds. The
    media I use is Taiyo Uden +R, and Verbatim +R, and sometimes Fuji +R.
    Which is booktyped to Dvd-Rom.

    It has done this with both the screen saver turned on and off. I own
    a Polaroid 26" HDTV rated 480p, 720p(native resolution), and 1080i.
    I have both the TV and Dvd Player set to 720p. I bought this player
    August 20th with a 1 year extended warranty.

    I also own the discontinued OPPO OPDV971H. Which I was originally
    going to buy another one, because I have never had a problem with it.

    For such a expensive player I shouldn't be having this problem. If
    I press stop wait a few seconds and then press play it will play
    again, but if I wait a few minutes it will not, and I have to turn off
    player restart and skip to the point I was before it froze.

    Can someone PLEASE help me with this situation or point me in the
    right direction. I would hate to have to return it.

    As always your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You.
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    If no one has any suggestions here then I would email Oppo directly. Theyre support is usually very good.

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