Oppo BDP83 and problems with The Adjustment Bureau


Has anyone else had a problem with this BD title and this player ? It is real struggle to get it to play. Sometimes I get a 'no disk' message and on other attempts its a long start up with frantic whirring disk. When it eventually does start it freezes for a second or two in many places, but mostly in the first half. I deleted persistent storage and turned the 'live' features back on to no avail. I normally run without any of the internet rubbish stuff. Universal titles generally seem to be a bit of pain if I remember correctly.

As there is not much mention of issues with this title I am wondering if it is a disk problem or not.


Well,,, last night it played immediately after the new firmware was installed and without a hiccup. I left the disk in over night and thought I'd give it another whirl before putting the disk away. Now it fails to load and whirs away until it shows either 'unknown disk' or 'no disk'. On about the eighth attempt it started to play but was freezing as before :thumbsdow

Not sure who to blame, Oppo or the disk ??

What to do :confused:

Bald Monkey

Novice Member
Adjustment Bureau played fine on my BDP-83 so I don't think it's a player/firmware realted issue?? Can you try the disk in another player?

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