Oppo 105D being fed by an Amazon 4k Fire Stick


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Oppo 105D being fed by an Amazon 4k Fire Stick...

Hi guys,

I've recently bought an Amazon 4k Fire Stick from Amazon and wanted to route it through my Oppo 105d (I don't yet have a 4k capable TV - but hope to get one eventually!).

Both of the HDMI sockets on the back of the Oppo are in use (split A/V mode) with one for the video signal and one for the audio (as recommended by Oppo at the time).

I've tried connecting the 4K Fire Stick to the HDMI socket on the front of the Oppo 105D but nothing appears on screen or in the menu's to enable me to access the Firestick.

All of my TV (a Pioneer Kuro KRP-600A) HDMI inputs are also in use.

Does anyone know a way I can get to enjoy my new Amazon 4k Fire Stick with my current set-up?

Thank you!

Kind regards, Martin.


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Buy a HDMI hub which will add extra HDMI sockets
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