OPPLI Style unit with glass doors...ideas??



I have been using an OPPLI unit from Ikea for some years now and I am looking to replace it. Has anyone seen a similar unit that has glass (clear or frosted) doors and is possibly in black.

I know I am being picky but my missus is quite adament what she wants and, considering I have convinced her to let me put speakers up all over the place, I should probably listen to her!!

Daddy k

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Look at the effectiv office range of furniture, I have my kit in various wall mount units with aluminium legs screwed on from their kitchen range (various heights around 20cm or you can just put them on the floor) and the frosted glass and aluminimum doors also from the effectiv range - costs about 50-70 for a smaller unit for under tv or 100ish for a bigger one for racking all gear.

Just check on equipment depths and leave the back off for airflow. Loads of colour options and layouts

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