Oppli owners - please help


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I need to change my rack and have been looking into the IKEA Oppli - 3 single units.

Can anyone please measure the internal dimensions of a single unit (W, H, D) and let me know. Cant get anything on the IKEA website and I think my centre speaker is going to be a tight squeeze.



Put it this way.... Sony ES kit fits in EXACTLY, as does a Pioneer 925 (quite a big beast!)

Have a look here my pics

All you need to do is then find out the width of a 925;)

I would go and measure but I can't be ar*ed to go out to the cinema this time of the morning!


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Go on, it's only at the bottom of your garden:) ;)

It's the internal height that I need to know...


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Internal height is 25.5cm
Internal width is 49.5cm
Internal depth, I'm not too sure as I've cut mine down so that it sits back further on top of my 3 unit Oppli.

If you have any other questions about the single or triple unit Oppli's just shout my way... :thumbsup:



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Just realised the single unit is exactly the same depth as the triple unit, so I just had a measure and its 45cm internal.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks Ryan - can you please confirm that the internal width of each oppli section (ie the space available) is 49.5cm ? Are all the dimensions the same for the single oppli unit and the triple section one (per section) ?


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The triple Oppli has internal widths of 44.5cm smaller than the single but everything else is the same as the single Oppli.

When I say the width is 44.5cm I mean literally, so a 44.5cm wide object wouldn't fit without scraping along the sides, same with the 49.5cm width of the single unit. The widest component you could really fit in a single unit would be around 48cm.

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