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    right just been to practical hifi sevenoaks and richer sounds.told them i have 3000 to spend i know what plasma im having the pioneer 427xd.these are the other selections on speakers and amps they have gave me.

    practical hifi

    plasma 1700

    sony1200 amp tunner 400

    kef 2005.2 surround sound system £450


    plasma £1800 with 5 yr warranty

    denon 1930 dvd £250

    denon 1507 amp/tunner £250

    b&w surround speakers £850

    richer sounds

    plasma £1599.95 1 yr warranty

    sony amp £249.95

    kef 2005.2 surround sound system £300

    cambrigde dvd89 £200

    i know practical have not gave me a option on the dvd they say they leave it up to me.but id like ur opinons on the gear and which to go for it will be 3 week till i place the order with which ever 1 i choose a i fly out on holiday tonight for 2 weeks.so put ur suggestion up plz so i can read while away and when i get back.i know.

    i know this might not be in the right forum area but have looked but can not find the right 1 sorry

    thanks thunder367

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