Opinions wanted on Toshiba 27WL46B please


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I wondered what people think of the above lcd as Comet is flogging it for 800 quid at the moment. Is it worth me forking out for or is there a better alternative for similar money ?



I spent months reading this and other forums getting progreessivly more confused about which tv to buy (not insulting the forum there's just so much information) before thinking bugger it and ordering one of these becuase I liked the look of it. It arrived on Friday was very easy to set up and has excellent picture quality. tv and video direct sold me mine for about 730 and delivered when they said they would


Its not really HD compatible cause the DVI is not DHCP enabled.

The 26WL46 is an older model and doesnt have DVI.

The 27WL46 and 30WL46 are 16ms despite the fact its often given 25ms...


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Was considering one of these for use primarily as a PC monitor. Plus watching DivX TV shows. Anyone out there own one and using it for these purposes? Opinions on picture quality etc?



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yeah, i got one about a week ago and its good so far. I still havent had a chance to sit down and watch a movie, but with a sky feed from RF2, and vga computer feed the picture quality is (IMO) great, especially for the £735 i paid!


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crazyswede said:
Their website says no


The new STASIA 26WL46 does not seem to be HDTV ready either and it has no DVI input


There seems to be no info if the 27WL46 is 16ms or 25ms?

Whilst what you say is correct the 2004/5 brochure, available for download on TOSHuk site, the page on the 27WL46 displays the HDTV Logo.

Does anyone know what the true situation is?

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