Opinions? Specifically on looks/design of current Home A/V receivers ?


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I am just kind of curious to see if anyone would care to share some thoughts 'specifically,' relating to look and build design of current AV Amps/Receivers.
LCD displays/fonts, push button, placements, dial selections, etc

please, a very light hearted question here (no psychological responses... : looks aren't everything, etc, etc)

I just cant help but taking such notice on how nearly everything these days (even the high end ones) look like one big piece/pyle of plastic junk.
So unattractive. Are the days of beauty and design way behind us?

I have to replace my Pioneer Elite SC-07 and I always thought the design from these Pio years (2008 ish) were so eye catching and beautiful. High gloss black, minimalistic face plate. Even down to the Font used for writing on LCD display was classy looking.

Can't say that I am feeling the same on some of their recent line. Just my opinion.
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