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Been lurking for a while and need some opinions. I've had my eye on the Projection Design Action Model One Marl II and i've notice the price has dropped quite a bit recently. Anyone seen this one and have any thoughts on it?


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Cheers foghorn, i'll keep an eye out for your reply. Spoke to Ivojo about this one before but if possible would like a few more opinions from users as well.


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Like your self after much homework I narrowed myself down to the ProjectionDesign make and in particular the Model one mark II. In general I liked what I read about the company. I was also impressed by the fact that ProjectionDesign was one of the few companies where you could upgrade your projector when a newer version was released.

The projector itself is small, well made with a nice attention to detail. Due to no lens shift you will need to be accurate in positioning, a little care and this should not be an issue.

Over the past year or so I have seen a number of projectors and the Projectiondesign in my opinion held its own or bettered the majority of its competitors.

The projector has a sharp picture with well balanced colours; blacks were good and showed detail in dark scenes.

I used nothing more than the THX optimizer on a DVD to set up the picture on the projector and this resulted in a very good picture even a novice could get good results with this projector.

The fan is a little noisy but nothing to drastic carefully position the projector and you will probably not notice it.

In general a very nice projector.

Despite owning a DLP projector I see the rainbow effect but only as a distraction this DLP was no different despite the faster colour wheel and extra segments. Don’t take this a negative I see this effect with all single chip DLP’S.s and As a result I did not buy the projector.

If you have any other questions just let me know.


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