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I'm verging on selling my Tag as I would like something with a 5.1 bypass. An upgrade to 7.1 192 is possible but is likely to cost £6-700 either selling and re-buying or factory upgrade. There is also the 'uncertainty' around Tag at the mo which does not really bother me much but if I'm going to do what I think I might do then now would be the time.

I currently run an old Sony STR-DB930 as a power amp via the 5.1 inputs as I don't really have the budget to get a proper power amp at the mo. So, I'm thinking of selling the tag and trying to get a Rotel 1066 pro with a parasound 1205 amp, both secondhand. I might just be able to get both for the same money as I get for the Tag, maybe have to add a bit.

So, which would sound better? My Tag through the 930 or a Rotel through the Parasound? I'm mainly into music, and of course the Rotel has a 5.1 input for DVD-A and SACD but what about 2 channel through the DACS?


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That's a real shame mate, but if you decide to sell it then give me a shout. I'll give you a good price.

Yes, I only recently got it and I'm very very happy with it. My plan was to upgrade to the 7.1 192 with bypass and maybe DAB over time. However, I'm already missing a 5.1 input as I'm a fan of multi channel music. Also, I'm finding it difficult to get the cash together to buy a decent power amp.

So, I could either keep it which I'm tempted to do or I could sell it and get a lesser processor with more features and a much better power amp than I have now. The theory behing the latter is that I would have the full pre/power set up and would just have to save to get a Tag again. My fear is that if I sell the Tag I may not ever raise the cash to get another or amy not be able to justify it . At least now I am in the Tag loop.

I have just sold my Rotel 1055 receiver in order to get the Tag and that was a great machine although the Tag is better. I'm sure a 1066 and a good power amp would be better than the 1055 but not sure how much worse than the Tag, given that I will have DPL2 and a 5.1 input as well as a proper power amp and not a cobbled together setup using a low end receiver.



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Good luck whatever you go for mate.

I'll leave my offer open though.


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