Opinions please on large TV purchase.


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Hi guys,

I have just returned a Samsung 42 inch RPTV as i couldn't get on with the picture quality, plus the unit was a huge floor standing CRT model. I have also recently sold on my LCD projector and screen due to inconvenience and lack of use. We are currently using our run of the mill 32 inch CRT.

Anyhow, I've got a dilemma as I/we want a 42 inch+ TV without a large base, so I'm stuck between a Sony Grand Wega LCD RPTV which i like the look of, and a Plasma which I also like the look of. I am also stuck with a max budget of around £2000.

The main problems are that for £1628 I can get the new Grand Wega 42 inch delivered from Robert Whytes, or for £2150 I can get the new 50 inch Grand Wega delivered. Or for about £1850 I can get the 50 inch Grand Wega II delivered. Trouble is, these Grand Wega prices are delving into Plasma money.

For around £2000 I can get a bottom to mid end Plasma depending on where I look. For example Auction World on Sky are selling 42 inch Vision plasma with a full home cinema setup and they are averaging about £2100 delivered. Richer Sounds are doing Plasma units from £1699 which leaves a few quid for stand and speakers etc. Plus the LG model is available with built in tuner, speakers and stand delivered for under £2000.

Now, our lass doesn't really want a plasma because she leaves the TV on a lot during the day with channels full of "on screen graphics", and shes worried about screen burn. Plus the kids play their Xbox on the TV a lot, again screen burn being the major issue.

We both like the look of the Sonys, but the kids sit on the floor to play their XBox and I know they have a lot better viewing angle then other RPTV's but we are still worried about the kids straining to see the screen by looking up at it. Not sure how far back they will need to be to see it from looking upwards at an angle?

If we do go for the RPTV we both really fancy the 50 inch new model. We have recently sold my LCD projector which was advertised in the classifieds so the bigger screen is a more attractive purchase. After searching around for it, it seems to be a lot cheaper then the older mark 2 model? Is it considered to be not as good as the earlier model, hence the reason for it being cheaper? I've checked a few sites out and in some cases the 42 inch mark II model is dearer then the 50 inch mark 3 model?

One last problem, my friend has the 42 inch Grand Wega Mark II model which I have looked at before but I didn't pay a great deal of attention to it. I remember thinking it looked superb but thats all I remember. He has a relatively small 12 foot by 11 foot room and it didn't look to overpowering.
Our living room is approx 15 foot by 14 foot and we sit between 8 and 11 foot away from the screen. Will the 50 inch be out of place in a room of this size and will screen door be noticeable from these sort of distances?

Sorry for such a long post and all the questions, but to us it is an awful lot of money for a TV purchase and we have to be confident when we order that we have made the right choice. Its okay the sales guy in Dixon telling us that £2000 for a Techwood plasma was only a small amount of money and that it was excellent value. You don't get a lot for your £2000
I don't think anybody is going to give us a couple of weeks trial with the gear

Final word top of the range large 50 inch RPTV or bottom to mid end 42 inch Plasma? What would you do?

Anyhow, many thanks for all your help.
Best wishes.


hi shadieb,

I opted for a cheap plasma back in Jan. I went for the Vision plasma and hated the thing. It was very tizzy and noisy, especially in dark areas. As you can guess I sent it back.
In the end I went the LCD rptv route, but went for a Samsung SP43L2HX rather than a Sony. No particular reason. Just that the Samsungs were much cheaper at the time ( £1500 inc stand ).
I am very happy with this new set, apart from the black levels not being quite dark enough, but its only an issue when watching very dark scenes in a dark room. During the day with sunlight pouring in, it looks awsome. This is a problem with all LCD based sets, so the Sony will suffer the same thing.

So you see, every set has its downsides. You've got to decide whats important to you. If you dont watch too much dark stuff, or sit in dark rooms watching tv, an LCD rptv will be perfect for you. Plasma is an option. But do you want a cheap, bottom of the range plasma for £2000 or a top of the range LCD rptv for under £2000.


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Thanks for the reply Bongpig :)
Would you mind answering a few questions on the Samsung 43" please?
Does it have a hard glass/clear plastic screen like the Wegas? I have kids and they tend to touch the screen when playing games etc. The big CRT Samsung I returned had a really flimsy front screen I didn't like at all.
Picture quality and appearance of screen door effect from the LCD panels. How decent is it? What sort of distance is it before you start seeing screen door?
Does it have a permanently on fan for cooling?
Did yours suffer from any dead pixels?
How long did it take after ordering from Panther for your set to arrive?

Thats it for now :) Many thanks again for helping out. I am really considering ordering this and have one sat im my basket :) I didn't even know these existed in the UK and was convinced I needed a Sony :)
Best wishes.



yes, this samsung has a plastic screen, similar to the sonys'. Its not the sturdiest but it isnt loose either. Sure, if you poke the middle of the screen with your finger, it does bend a small amount.

There is a permanent fan, and its not as quiet as it could ( should ) be. Im hoping to get a service guy round to check it out for me. I sit 8 feet from the screen and I can hear it on quiet scenes. Could be better in this area.

As for the screen door, I find it non-existant. These TV's have a native 1280x768 high-def display. The pixels are tiny. Once more than 3 feet away, theres no sign of them.

If I get up close to the screen I can see some locked/dead pixels. Mainly green ones. But again, the pixels are so small that I cant see them at all more than 3 feet away. I have 20/20 vision.

I didnt get the set from panther in the end. I got my local Comet to price match for me. I bought it in store, and it was delivered 2 days later.

Having said all that, ive been having problems with it of late. A strange shimmer on the screen which isnt normal. The tech guy will be here tommorow to look over it for me.
Ild like to say, after a bit of a nightmare using Comets service men, I called Samsung directly and they were spot on. I got through straight away and arrange a visit from thier official service people who are actually familiar with the TV.

Ill let you know how it goes tommorow.

Hellicopter, I was under the impression that 1280x768 is high-definition isnt it? Ok, not for the latest 1080 hd signals, but i wasnt aware anybody is using this yet?
Can anybody clear up for me what HD actually means??


... to add,
this tv does a fantastic job with SD signals. It quite suprised me in this regard.


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The Sagem has the above resolution and is a european version of the Optoma DLP from the US.
In Europe a HD source will either be DVD based using US sourced players and discs or the new Euro HD satellite output.
The Sagem can take either 720p or 1080i HD sources but not 1080p.


I hear the optima dlps' are pretty good.
Seeing as they are availabe, they should definatly be considered.
Ive only really had experience with the LG models, which are also pretty good, but I suffer somewhat from eye fatigue very easily. CRT's kill me with any prolonged use, and im worried DLP's will do the same. I am however in the minority.
Helecopter, what price is comet selling them at?


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Hi Guys, thanks a lot for the replies, its greatly appreciated.

Helicopter, I used to own an NEC LT80 front DLP projector and had to get rid due to rainbow/colour flash with the unit. It used to drive me mad, especially in dark scenes all I could see was blobs of green and blue on the screen. I have heard the rear pro DLP TV's are meant to be better, but they apparently still suffer from it :(

Bongpig, I nearly ordered the Samsung today but I got a phone call off RW offering me a graded 50" Wega mark 2 for £1500 delivered. I think I am going to go for this. I have to wait a couple of weeks for their stock to arrive but the price is wicked :) I was a bit dubious about it being graded, but they assured me they are excellent and retain their full guarantee.

Many thanks again.
Best wishes.

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