Opinions on this case please


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For a cheapish HCPC

Superflower tt-101 and some more info from toms hardware

It matches my needs , that being :

its smallish but accepts matx boards .
Has an external 3.5 slot for a cardreader.
has easy acces to the 5.25 and 3.5 slots , i just cant be doing with these door/flap things as im sure id just leave then open or break them off.
as front firewire/usb/audio ports.

My only concern @ the moment aside from if its going to available in the UK is teh nosie/cooling issue as it uses 3*60mm fans but then im not planning to OC it or put in any large heatsources as its mainly going to be for vid/audio/pvr purposes with a bit of stepmania dance matt fun when friends come over


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If noise is an issue for you, I wouldn't touch anything with 60mm fans. Generally speaking, small fan = high rpm = high noise, usually of the high pitched whine variety.

I'd go for 80mm on intakes and exhaust, or even 120mm exhaust if you can get it.

Incidentally, if you're not overclocking and not running very hot components (ie high end video cards etc) you can manage without intake fans entirely.


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I assume you're on a VERY tight budget to even consider this. No offense, but for 33 quid for case, keyboard, mouse and speakers, they're all going to be pretty nasty. I REALLY REALLY wouldn't trust my PC innards to a power supply that cheap.

Here's a review for you


My guess is that the power supply will be noisy, and the holes in the sides will do a great job of letting the noise out, whilst doing a pretty poor job of any form of cooling. Note it has no fans, so you'll need to buy at least one for an exhaust.

My recommendation for a quiet but good value case would be Antec. I recommended a Sonata for someone a while back and that was pretty nice, with the piano black sides etc, but the best one I've seen is the Antec SLK3700AMB. Antec power supplies are good solid performers, and this one is nearly silent. The rear case fan is a near silent 120mm. The top and sides have a very nice metallic car paint finish, and the sides open up very easily. There are also rubber grommets to mop up HDD vibration. The one I built was dark grey with a hint of bronze, but there's a black version for about £10 more. The bronze version is a very reasonable £55.81 inc VAT.


Only gripes would be the plastic door - looks good but feels cheap compared to the rest of the case, and the lack of a removable motherboard tray (but then I've been building using Coolermaster Wavemasters recently and getting used to Rolls-Royce build quality)


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Yeah that was my take on the 60mm fans though i might get away with just one to keep some movement going as im not goingt to be using high heat output parts. The Sonata and overture cases look good but isnt the sonata low profile cards , and the overture is just a tad too big for me.

Oh Wavemaster wise i hear rumour of a desktop case (the picture ive seen looks awesome) though nothing on teh site last i looked , ahve you heard anything else ?


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I like the look of the Accent HTPC


Also has 60mm fans though :-(

Incidentally, having looked at www.chillblast.com I notice that Papst do a pretty impressive 60mm fan rated at 27db. Ok, not a patch on the 19db of the 80mm version, but I think they'd do the job.

...and no, not heard anything from Coolermaster lately, apart from that new ATX/BTX hybrid with about 10 drive bays and that cheap steel/aluminium one. I'd expect there to be a rush of new cases from most manufacturers though when BTX takes off in a couple of months.


The Sonata takes full size cards. I sold one to buy an Overture. The Overture looks nicer but it's quite a bit nosier than the Sonata which is very quiet. Both are £84.90 inc delivery from Amazon


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The SLK3700 in black or bronze are the quietest of the Antec range, mainly because of a lower speed 120mm exhaust fan (1200RPM vs 2000RPM on the Sonata), but it's not as pretty as the Sonata or Overture. It's £25 cheaper than a Sonata though.


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I have recommend the Sonata - with one caveat! It may be too quiet.

About a week ago, I knew of the Radeon's fan being just awful (even above the racket of the old Windows 98 box that was its home); but regularly wonderered about the many comments regarding noise output from DVD drives. Now I know! This Pioneer 105 is one noisy muvva, when it gets goin'! :laugh:

As for the case, everyone that sees it, loves it - and starts speaking of an upgrade that they'd only recently assured me they wouldn't be making... :laugh: And me? Well, it's a lot better than I was expecting. I had reservations about the plastic door (in terms of build quality and look) and needing to open it in order to power up/down or reset. All I can say is that none of it has been a problem - and not just because I paid for it! :D The door 'blends in', hasn't yet fallen off its hinges (or appeared as if it was going to!) and I rarely need to use the buttons.

The Sonata wasn't my first choice; but having a budget made it so. If I'd found any issues with, I'd say so - but I can't!


Sheesh, never dreamed that one could say sooo much about a shiny metal box!

Mmm, shiny...


Also has 60mm fans though :-(

I use an Accent HT200 with a pair of 60mm Papst fans and a Zalman Fanmate to keep the rev's down. I also cut out the fan guards in the case and replaced them with some wire ones to reduce airflow restriction. It's now nice and quiet and also nice and cool.

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