opinions on this b&w fronts and mission rears?


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Hi can you all give me your opinions on these b&w fronts and mission rears also the yamaha avs

set of two B&W* DM603 speakers, one B&W LCR 60 S3 centre speaker and two
Mission M7 DS surround sound speakers.

The Yamaha sound processor is a DSP E800 and the amplifier is the Yamaha Natural sound stereo amp AX492. Thanks guys and girls.


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anyone? would the mission m7's be ok for rear wall directly behind my sofa? they would be about 200-300mm away from the side Walls that the only thing as I have a window in the centre of the rear wall


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I've got some 603s2 and cc6s2 on the front and some old mission 760iSEs as rears. If the sound of the new missions is is anything like the older missions you'll be happy though I've not heard the mission dipoles. The dipoles should be fine wall mounted and the window shouldn't make too much of a difference for the rear sound field IMHO.


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thanks for the reply I'm more concerned about if there be too close to the Walls ad in effect just rebound unwanted sound? or if I should either sell these an match up with b&w or do away with rears and mount these on side Walls

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