Opinions on these amps please


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Replacing my onkyo 608 in the next few days and I'm stuck between the following 4 £400 amps so would appreciate some help as I'm sure there's been quite a few in the same situation.
Denon 2300
Yamaha 681
Pioneer 1131
Onkyo 656
Currently using a Boston acoustics 5.1 setup but may upgrade these this year aswell. Just after the best sounding amp for mainly movies/sport/tv and occasional Xbox and music.
Opinions, pros and cons, experiences, any help appreciated. Cheers


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same here, can't decide between Yamaha 681 and denon 2300


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hard one isn't it as they all get good/bad comments posted on here. The what hifi review was swaying me to the Denon but the fella in Richer sounds prefers the Yamaha. Was hoping for a bit more help on here to be honest

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